Rugby 7's player Dennis Ombachi
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Rugby 7's player and self-taught chef Dennis Ombachi is a very very sad man right now.

Barely a week after he got himself a new iPhone 13 pro max in Alpine green the phone found itself brand new owners.

Dennis had been so excited to get the new phone and shared a picture of it with his Twitter followers captioning the post, " moneyfestations work"


Two days later he lost the phone as it was snatched from his hands outside an embassy.

He broke the news of his loss by retweeting his post and captioning it, "never post your wins online"

Ombachi after taking some time to come into terms with the loss narrated how everything went down.

"This morning simu imeenda na watu wa Boda while requesting a boda right outside an embassy. This life balance." His first tweet read.

He went on to add that the thieves had cleared out his mpesa and actually took a fuliza loan as well with his sim card.

"They had already made the Mpesa transactions before I called and had the sim blocked. Good thing is that my fuliza limit was 1500 Hapo kwa Mpesa ndio character development" 

Dennis said that he was shocked as his line after being re activated was still going through, " also when replacing the line after it was re activated, the attendant called and the number still went through, how does one even withdraw money from your  Mpesa without a pin?"

In another tweet clearly still in disbelief he wrote, "Plot twist, phone stolen around 10:30, called @SafaricomPLC around 12:30 to have the sim blocked"

Before clearing the air as to how he actually lost the phone, "Also phone was snatched while still on as I was requesting a boda, they might have kept it active all through I don’t know.

The only scary bit is how they got through Mpesa.

. Lesson learnt is block the line as soon as goes missing and backup content on the cloud. We move on."

He asked his fans to bare with him as his content quality was about to take a nose dive. "Comparing video quality the 8 has to offer vs 13 and yeah, content quality about to be whack for a few months as we stabilise."

That specific iphone model costs roughly anywhere from 150 thousand to 230 thousand depending on the storage capacity.

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