Pritty Vishy and Madini Classic to make first club appearance as a couple

Pritty Vishy not ready to get kids with Madini Classic

Pritty Vishy
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Madini Classic and his 'bae' Pritty Vishy will be making their first club appearance as a couple.

The new couple will be attending the launch of Jam City in a white-studded event to be held in Kisumu.

The two recently revealed that they are dating after Vishy broke up with her bae Stivo Simple Boy.

In a Q and A segment Vishy said she is not ready to give birth adding that she wants to build herself first.

Vishy recently confirmed that she is Madini's second wife.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Vishy said she is aware that her man has a wife in Mombasa but that won't stop her from loving Madini.

"He even told me he is married and all and at first I was hesitant but he asked me not to worry. I know he has a wife in Mombasa but for me my slogan is, you better tell me you have someone else than cheat," Vishy said.

Vishy says that she immediately sought her mom's counsel and she advised her to be careful.

Pritty Vishy's ex boyfriend
Stivo simpleboy Pritty Vishy's ex boyfriend
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Asked why she thinks Madini slid into her DM knowing so well that he is married she didn't have an answer but maintained that the man is his when they are together and his wife's when he goes to Mombasa.


Madini on the other hand says he is ready to pay 4 million as Vishy's dowry.

Madini dismissed claims it is a project they are working on

"I mean we never posted we were together its people who saw pictures and assumed it was new. But tulikuwa tumekaa. So it's expected that people will say it's kiki. But to us, it is not kiki."


Pritty said "so be it if people think it's kiki. The moment they see two celebrities hanging out they think there is something we are cooking okay it's not bad like okay we might be dating when we decide to do a song together then si mbaya then pap we do it. Maybe in one way, I am supporting him in another way we are just having fun."

Madini had last week said he will pay Ksh4m dowry. He has explained why he is paying double the amount Pritty quoted.

"Just look at her have you ever seen her looking like this before? She said her dowry is two million but mimi kwangu nitatoa four million. It s because she appreciates me, she respects me she understands me so that is something that is very normal."

How will he raise that huge amount?

"If I'm not able to pay it, you guys will contribute for me. Bora ifike 4 million. I will put up the pay bill."


Madini also told off people criticizing their reason for being together.

"There are comments I have seen people questioning why I love her, that she is not on my level and I should date a woman on my level but that's my choice. I want to ask people to appreciate us the way we are."

Other artists who will be performing include Vekta Kenya while DJ B Wasafi will be on the decks.

Vishy has made tremendous growth since her breakup from Stivo Simple Boy.

She is now an influencer for different clothing brands.

 If you are in Kisumu, catch her in Kisumu

Pritty Vishy to attend Jam City Launch
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