Kamene: Showering in this weather is optional

Kamene asked listeners to chip in on the topic after a weird session Obinna had on Kikao yesterday

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

 Baby Girls CEO Kamene Goro during today's Kiss Breakfast Show took to the airwaves to ask listeners if it's true ladies these days don't uphold hygiene. 

This was following a caller yesterday on Kikao asking Obinna to call her roommate and ask her why she doesn't like showering,

" Baby girls circle up, the boy childs are claiming that ya'all are not showering..." Kamene started before Obinna quickly chipped in affirming this.

"Mnanuka ( ya'all stink)" Obinna said as he made a face.

Kamene took the reigns of the conversation back telling Obinna that he doesn't have to be as loud as he was with the accusations while stifling a giggle.

" But I'm just wondering because hygiene and women is something that is synonymous. However, as it seems like if apparently what I'm hearing is true that is not the case.

These days it is an option to shower, it is an optional to wear deodorant... ya'all even repeating clothes," an exasperated Kamene said as she asked listeners to call in and confirm for her if these allegations are true. 


 And if the accusations were a major concern or a one time thing.

Obinna tried to play devil's advocate by pointing out that the cold had people immobilized but Kamene was definitely not having it highlighting it's a critical thing that needs to be fixed.

Below are a few comments from netizens regarding the topic;


Mark Murunga: It's true they're not showering! Most of the ladies nowadays do not bathe na si chocha. The smell is a very pungent smell when we are on top of the mountain.

Richard Odinga: Hii ni porojo bana ( this is pure hearsay/gossip honestly) 

Bivanchumba: Not all of them are not showering... but there are some even when you go close to them... it's a serious major issue outside here.

James Murange: Women nowadays raised their standards in their minds but forgot their values were more important.

Brookey738: Lies, these are pure lies 

Zablon Esikuri: Most of them huoga passport tu

John Gitongo: Si lazima waoge 

Addition_Sheila: When you shower on a daily mwili inaisha

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