Obinna: I only date older women

Obinna said dating a younger lady was double work as he feels girls in their 20's aren't mature enough.

Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has come out yet again to clear the air on his dating life. 

Obinna made it clear that y'all are not about to catch him chilling with ant Younging as a partner anytime soon because he feels girls in their 20's aren't mature enough.  

" I have said it a million and one times, I feel like young girls are still trying to find themselves. Then if they are there with you, you are going to define their lives which I'm not about that life," Obinna said candidly.

The presenter then went ahead to expound on why he held the sentiments that he does.


" I do not want to define someone's life, when they mirror me.... Okay this is what I mean, most girls how they end up in their 30's is the boyfriends they dated in their 20's.

Whatever he was doing, if he was a drug addict hapo! If he was a drunkard, chain smoker and what have you ni hapo! If he was a religious church person, chances are high that is where she is going to lie." Obinna said animatedly. 

The 32-year-old content creator turned musician went ahead to emphasize why he feels dating an older woman is a better bet.

His co-host Kamene Goro who had been quite all along broke her silence by asking Obinna if he wanted a ready made person.

To which Obinna said yes vehemently adding that he was looking for more than a relationship and was not about to start teaching someone stuff.

" I'm looking for maturity, I don't want to start teaching you things. I want to make memories but now with a young person you have to teach them first, then start building. It is double work" Obinna lamented.


Fans had mixed reactions to Obinna's sentiments with some saying he was offering bad advice while others completely agreed with him.

Below are a few comments:

being_komen: Obinna you are giving young guys wrong perception to look for wamamaz

olayojnr: That's not dating ni umaskini na tamaa ya pesa. Unakula aje kitu iko menopause?

shadrack_case; huyuko pekee yako Obinna, niko nyuma yako. You are not alone man.

slimmy_dee_ the way and the truth🙌

tabby.500: His said the truth. 🔥

dangote_003jnr: Pewa beer mbili kwa bill yangu @ogaobinna🔥🔥👏

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