Kamene smitten by Ruto and Sakaja's perfect smiles

Kamene could not stop gushing over how cute the two looked together at Bomas especially when they smiled

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro
Image: File: Kiss FM

It seems that our very own Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro is celebrating more than finally being relieved from the anxiety of knowing who the 5th president of our nation is. 

Speaking during today's show, the Baby girl CEO could not stop talking about the perfect dental formula and amazing smiles both our president-elect and city governor-elect have. 

"So yesterday when Ruto arrived at Bomas he was received by Nairobi's governor-elect Mr. Sakaja, they were walking together and wueh I could see all the teeth in Kenya," Kamene gushed. 

Obinna forever the joker and that one friend who will always call you out when you are being a barbie jokingly asked Kamene, ' kwani you wanted him to be received by who? Governor of Kitui? He is in Nairobi"

The two co-hosts burst out laughing as Kamene brushed off his remarks.

" It does not matter, by the way, all I am saying is they looked good, all I was thinking is wueh hawa wasee wanakaa vizuri lakini"  Kamene said.

Obinna went ahead to notify her that both president-elect William Ruto and Nairobi's new governor Johnson Sakaja actually do have a history together.

Kamene however did not care about that.

Our Baby girl CEO was smitten and those billboard-worthy smiles were all she could think about. 

" But between these two guys, they have some good set of teeth," Kamene said brushing off the political history her co-host had tried educating her on as she realized it was not the actual tea.

Turning attention to her co-host Kamene decided to sprinkle some of that happy fan-girl spirit she was into him.

Kamene said, " Obinna I feel like you would be the third power puff girl in that smiling duo. " 

The comment got Obinna laughing as he tried to hide the fact that the statement had him blushing. 

" They were just smiling and I was like wueh wacha tu. Just look at that equation, we have poster kids. Just throw Obinna there in the background and we are good to go..." Kamene said as she smiled unable to hide her excitement.

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