Bensoul: Dad was choir director before he became a Muslim

Bensoul said he started playing instruments in church as his mum was in choir and dad was a choir director before he converted to Muslim

Sol generation's Bensoul
Image: Brian Simiyu

Speaking to our very own Kamene Goro in an episode of her Kiss TV show, 'Good Vibes Only', Bensoul opened up about his life before music and stardom. 

The 'Favourite song' hitmaker spoke about his upbringing, coming from Embu to Nairobi with his sister and mother

"I was born and raised in Embu. I'm actually a church boy,  that's where I started playing instruments because my mum was in choir and dad was a choir director before he converted to Muslim", Bensoul told Kamene. 


Bensoul further disclosed that he found his passion for music and instruments in church courtesy of his Bishop.

The 29-year-old singer got candid about being perceived as a mama's boy.

"I am kinda a mama's boy but not that one where everything must pass by her. I am a mama's boy because growing up I was the man in my family, as my dad was not around."


He also credited his mother for being supportive of his passion as she allowed him to drop Civil Engineering to pursue music.


"Our mum is my everything that's why I say I am a mama's boy. She is the one who believes in me. I was to do civil engineering when I came to Nairobi. I tried it for like three years, and I was like this is not my thing.

I used to be very depressed while I'm going to class then I see other guys rehearsing music so I dropped it and started doing music."

Bensoul says he never regretted his decision.

"I've never looked back ever since, despite the challenges and everything. I don't regret dropping engineering," the melodious Ben said.

He went on to add that his success thus far has been through God's grace. 

"So I just believed in it and followed it and God blessed it and ni mungu tuu inanileta hapa."

Did he know this is what he always wanted?

"There is a bishop who used to be like the leader of our church in Embu. He told me you know you are a smart kid, I know education can take you many places but this music is gonna take you even further.

So I guess I carried that with me all through and that's one of the things that has kept encouraging me that I can do it, till now. "

How has 2022 been for Bensoul?

"2022 imeanza vizuri eh 2020 and 2021 were pressure. There were some really bad moments coz it got to a point where you are not gigging,  you don't know where your next supper is coming from hujui so unabahatisha tuu, lakini God held us down so my 2022 has started with a bang,"

The Sol Generation signee promised that his fans should expect big things. He added that 2022 is his year of making more money.

"Pesa zinaingia gigs left right and center. Everyone wants to book us. It's  amazing because considering the amount of work we have put in I feel like I am enjoying the whole process.

It's something that gives me so much joy kutoka studio na song mpya there's no happiness like that" Ben said excitedly. 

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