J Lo serenades Ben with new song at their wedding

Jennifer Lopez put up a show with back up singers/dancers as she serenaded Ben with a new unreleased song

Ben Afleck with his wife Jennifer Lopez
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Internationally celebrated musician/actress Jennifer Lopez (popularly referred to as Jlo) just can't seem to get enough of her new husband fellow actor/ producer and screenwriter Ben Affleck.

No, it's not a figure of speech but her exact words that she told him as she serenaded him with a song and dance ( that was leaked online) that the 53-year-old broke into for her husband during their wedding, in front of family and friends.

J Lo took over the dance floor at Ben's Georgia estate ( where the two tied the knot at the home in Riceboro, Georgia on the Hampton Island preserve outside of Savannah) during their wedding celebration, grabbing the mic and performing a new song while Ben sat alone in a chair just a few steps away from the new Mrs. Affleck, completely smitten.

Jennifer Lopez sings for Ben during their wedding

The lyrics are a reflection of their affectionate almost fairy tale kind of romance. J lo sang about passion, still being in love and the catchy hook of the new single where she goes, "I can feel the passion in your eyes, I'm still in love with you, you know I can't get enough."

And being as fab and extra as J Lo is she did the whole performance in her wedding dress, and that is not all! The bride had even got backup singers and dancers!!!

The wedding gown she wore was the first of the three Ralph Lauren lineup dresses she was set to wear during the big ceremony.


It was quite the show.

The smitten batman actor, Ben really seemed to enjoy his front row seat to wifey's performance and well-being as the man of the hour.

How many men out here get serenaded? Hardly a handful if we are being honest.

Ben and J lo's huge ceremony and party went down during the weekend at the same venue where they were supposed to get married 20 years ago with their friends and family there to celebrate the newlyweds

The couple first started dating in 2002 and were then on and off. Ben proposed to J lo but the two didn't last and they ended up breaking off their engagement in 2004 and moved their separate ways.

However, 2021 was a lucky year for both of them since J lo had just broken off her engagement with her then-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The two rekindled their romance and started dating again.

They then got engaged and are now officially married.

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