Aaliyah Khan's ex-bf emotionally opens up about breakup

Aaliyah and Clyde had been a couple for close to 3 years

Aaliyah Khan.
Image: Instagram

Aaliyah Khan's boyfriend Clyde Kush just confirmed that the couple are no longer an item.

The two who've dated for close to three years have always kept their relationship under wraps with occasional yet few posts of them on dates and hanging out together.

Their romance seemed to flourish up until recently when the footballer announced the split from the model/content creator.


Now during a QnA session on his Instagram page, Clyde opened up about how life without Aaliyah from it has been terrible and hard to deal with.


It all came about when a curious netizen wanted to know how the young man was doing since his separation from his long-term girlfriend.

"Genuinely though, how do you feel now that you're not with Khan anymore???" The curious fan posed the question.


To which Clyde replied by saying that it was the hardest thing he's ever had to deal with so far in life.


"It is the hardest stuff I have ever had to deal with... But I am sure we will both be okay," Clyde replied indicating that the split had had no drama and that he still cared for his ex-lover.

"You know there is no bad blood between us," finished off Kush as he added a love heart emoji to the reply.

Just a month ago Aaliyah had the internet going crazy over her latest ink work.

Aaliyah after a long while of not posting on the gram graced her feed with some thirst traps and a new tattoo.

On her arm (near the wrist) the Tiktoker could be seen spotting a tattoo that encompasses the letter C tied to a love heart.

Content creator Aaliyah Khan gets a tattoo of her boyfriends name
Image: Instagram

Right, where the heart shape is supposed to be coming to an end the letter smoothly joins in to complete it. And as netizens know, C was the initial for her long-term boyfriend Clyde.

In a past interview speaking about her relationship, Aaliyah said, "That peace that comes with being low-key is really nice. It's not that I'm hiding him or anything like that, we're dating and it's good." 

The two according to Kush split up in mid-December.

He took to his Insta stories to confirm that the two were no longer an item.

"You all should stop coming to me with stories about Aaliyah.... we are no longer together..." wrote Clyde.

Aaliyah remained quiet through all this not agreeing or disagreeing with whatever Kush said in regard to their budding young relationship.

Kush also did not reveal why the two are no longer an item. 

In the meantime, you all can help brainstorm ideas of what she can do with her C tattoo. I'm thinking she can turn the C into another love heart.

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