Aaliyah Khan gets a tattoo of her boyfriend's name

The content creator shared a picture of her new artwork with her boyfriend's initial around a love heart

Tiktok star Aaliyah Khan

Digital content creator Aaliyah Khan has her fans going crazy after she posted a series of thirst post photos on her Instagram page.

But the photos are not what had people overly excited, it was more of the little piece of ink that she was spotted rocking.

On her arm (near the wrist) the Tiktoker has a tattoo that encompasses the letter C tied to a love heart. Right, where the heart shape is supposed to be ended the letter joins in to complete it.

C is the initial for her long-term boyfriend Clyde. The two have been dating for 2 years.

There were rumours that Clyde and Aaliyah had broken up after the two had gone for a long period without posting any pictures together or doing couple-related content.

In a past interview speaking about her relationship, Aaliyah said, "That peace that comes with being low-key is really nice. It's not that I'm hiding him or anything like that, we're dating and it's good." 

Content creator Aaliyah Khan gets a tattoo of her boyfriends name
Image: Instagram

She's joined the list of people like King Alami, and Kamene Goro who have tattoos of their partners.

Aaliyah in the series of photos was showing off her new body after she underwent a big transformation.

Six months ago the gorgeous model shared a 12-second video on her Insta-stories ( smart move because we would have asked a thousand and one questions had she popped out here looking like Vera) of her at a clinic undergoing a non-invasive procedure to sculpt and add volume to her behind.

She captioned the video, "For those of you wondering what is this procedure, it is called vacuum therapy. It is a non-invasive behind lift which is a much safer way." 

In another video still, on her Instastories, she stated that the procedure was not just used for enlargening one's behind but could be used to fix hip dips as well. 

She wrote, " This is for those who want to enlarge their behinds or want to fix their hip dips. I just started but am so happy with my results. It is only my first session and I already started seeing a difference." 

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