Celebs who have tattooes of their bae

A tattoo varies in meaning based on different individuals

King Alami
Musician Noti Flow posing with her girlfriend King Alami
Image: Instagram

Getting a tattoo for some people can be very sentimental and symbolic of a phase they are in their lives or a memory.

Diana B said 'Mapenzi tight kama kifuniko ya gas' and these people picked it up to give it a flair using the tattoos they put on their bodies.

It is still a divisive issue among Kenyans with some saying that it was a terrible decision while others see the rationale behind it.


But that's not why you're here, you want to know about celebs who followed this trend. Let's begin;

1. King Alami

Tattoo of Noti Flow on King Alami
King Alami Tattoo of Noti Flow on King Alami
Image: Instagram

King Alami has left netizens in a frenzy after inking up the name of her lover rapper, Noti Flow on her fingers.


King Alami now has three Noti Flow Tattoos on her body.

Noti Flow's face on her back, Noti Flow's Name on her Arm, and the most recent, Noti Flow's Name on her fingers.

Noti is not one to be left out, she also has a tattoo written Armaan (King Alami real name) on one of her fingers.

King Alami and the'Foto Moto' hit maker, are among the most famous Kenyan celebrities who have publicly confessed to being members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

2. Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones
Model Chaney Jones
Image: Courtesy

Kanye West’s girlfriend Chaney Jones got a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her wrist.

Chaney, who was first linked to Kanye in February 2022, posted a photo of herself on her Instagram Stories, where fans could see a small tattoo of Kanye’s nickname, 'Ye,' tatted up on her wrist.


Ye broke things off with brief girlfriend Julia Fox the same month and immediately moved on to Chaney.


In a previous radio interview, he said,

"I believe 'ye' is the most commonly used word in the Bible. In the Bible it means you."


"So, I'm you. And I'm us. It's us." he added.

3. Harmonize

The 'Atarudi' hitmaker did not come to play, he came to set standards. 

Harmonize was beyond ecstatic after his lover Kajala forgave him.

He had spent months and millions (I mean he bought her two range rovers and set up a billboard people) begging for her forgiveness and trying to get back on her good books.

Following their reconciliation and in a final bid to prove just how sorry he was, the Bongo star got inked in honor of his lover.

He went ahead and got a throwback photo of Kajala and her daughter Paula tattooed on his leg alongside neatly calligraphic words that read, "I am sorry."

4. Jay Z and Beyonce

Matching Tattoos
Beyonce and JayZ Matching Tattoos
Image: Instagram

For the celebrity couple, it may not be a tattoo on their significant other but well well well...

Beyonce and Jay Z got matching 'IV' tattoos on their ring fingers.

The number four holds special significance for Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Beyoncé's birthday is the 4th of September, Jay Z's is the 4th of December, and they got married on the 4th of April

5. Mpoomy and Brenden Praise

Matching Tattoos
Mpoomy and Brenden Matching Tattoos
Image: Instagram

The celebrated content creators from South Africa are not to miss on the list since they have matching tats that they say are a symbol of their love 

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