'Juma Jux's new bae has one major condition to get his baby

The gossip king said that Jux's new lover demands that they do big test first so that he can give birth to her, but the artist is not ready.

Juma Jux with Vanessa Mdee.
Image: Instagram

At the end of last week, musician Juma Jux published a picture of himself with his new girlfriend, who many felt resembled his long-time ex-girlfriend musician Vanessa Mdee.

New information is emerging from gossip king Mwijaku Burton who said he had a conversation with the artist about the fate of their relationship.

Since breaking up with Vanessa, Jux has been sketchy about his love life and hasn't been in a serious relationship, concentrating mainly on his career.


According to Mwijaku, he has already had a conversation with Jux and it was revealed that his new lover is ready to carry his pregnancy and give birth to him on one condition.

Juma Jux with his new bae.
Image: Instagram

Mwijaku said that Jux was required to do 'big' tests in order to carry his baby, something which Jux is allegedly unwilling to do.

However, he left many on the street without knowing what 'big measure' really means.


"I spoke with JUX today, he said that his new lover is ready to give birth with him, but he has insisted on taking a large test before he agrees to carry Jux's pregnancy. And Jux is not ready to take a big test," Mwijaku said.

Many were concerned about the 'big test', with some speculating that it might be a test for the HIV virus, while others also theorised that he was being asked to take a fertility test to confirm if he is capable of producing.

It should be noted that the artist dated Vanessa Mdee for more than 7 years without being blessed with the fruit of the womb.

Funny thing is that when Mdee went to the United States and started seeing the artist Rotimi, it did not take them long before announcing the news of their first pregnancy.

Due to this, many have been spreading rumours that Jux may have been the one with the problem, which is probably what caused their relationship to break apart.

Neither Jux nor Vanessa has ever appeared in public and talked about what caused their relationship to end.