Sam Smith's new music video causes uproar

The video has caused outrage from people who feel it's wildly inappropriate especially as it pertains to age restrictions

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Ever since British RnB singer Sam Smith came out as a member of the queer community they've been making headlines and sparking debates left, right and centre.

The nonbinary singer dropped the visual treatment for their latest single "I'm Not Here To Make Friends," which is featured on their recently-released album, "Gloria." And it is safe to say, 'INHTMF' is in your face when it comes to showing off skin and sexually suggestive scenes.

Sam's new music video is stirring the pot for its "not safe for work" (NSFW) content.

NSFW basically is slang for content that should be viewed in private due to the material that it contains.

The "Unholy" hitmaker's video is not only causing an uproar online but it's also sparking debate on sexuality and the notion that it is just a straight person's game.

Many people feel that if Sam was a lady, people wouldn't have a problem with her showing off her curves and embracing her sexuality.

In the now controversial music video, Sam is seen in several eye-popping outfits, including one where their chest is on display with nipple pasties in place.

There are also moments where Sam is being sprayed in the face with water which kinda looks some something often best left behind closed doors.

Of course, the backup dancers and extras are also flaunting their stuff in scantily-clad get-ups all throughout so, objectively, it checks the box for a traditionally provocative project.

Sam has been trending all weekend over this video, mostly invoking outrage from people on the right, who feel like it's wildly inappropriate especially as it pertains to age restrictions and kids who might stumble across it on YouTube.

Taking to Twitter, several netizens launched complaints about Sam's video and called out YouTube for letting it run.

Most feel as if the video is just a hyper-sexualized demonstration of perversion for the hell of it, masked as body positivity and LGBTQ+ empowerment.

Below are a few comments:

@OliLondonTV: YouTube does not have any age restrictions on Sam Smiths degrading sexualised new music video. 5 year old's can search this up and watch it with no content restrictions!Sam Smith, this is not art. This is not trendy. This is not empowering. This is monstrous! #SamSmith

@DominiquetaegonSam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualised and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!

However, others feel that the backlash is the apparent double standard.

TikTok influencer, Max Hovey came to Sam's defence saying the backlash is misguided and misplaced.

"Basically, the idea that someone who doesn't fit society's conventional beauty standards can't openly express their sexuality on camera without flack, while others can get away with it unscathed is messed up," Max pointed out.

Sam doesn't seem too bothered by all the uproar his video seems to have caused. The artist is still promoting his music on his socials and posting clips and stills from the video without reservations or apologies.

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