Singer Maureen Kunga talks Elani's whereabouts after a loud silence

Maureen reassured fans that the band was still together despite the silence

has assured fans that their Band Elani hasn't had a fall out
Kenyan artist Maureen Kunga has assured fans that their Band Elani hasn't had a fall out
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Elani's band member Maureen Kunga in a recent interview reassured fans that their band had not split up despite the silence.

Talking to YouTuber Cheptoek Boyo, Maureen addressed rumours circulating that their band Elani which is popularly known for their breakout song "Jana Usiku" had a fallout due to their recent hiatus after their big comeback.

Maureen highlighted that as a band they'd met each other while young and through the journey, they've had to reevaluate their plans individually and explore other things but that doesn't mean that they're not together. 

“Elani we are very much together. It’s like we are married, so there is never an apart. 

However, I think having met each other so young, we’ve grown up together, so you get to a place where you also say maybe act, or get into other businesses. 

You have to allow someone to fly and to shine,” Maureen explained. 

She added they sat down and had a conversation about their group. "we are still very much alone together. It's not really a time cap, it is one of those things that are developing as we go,"

It's an evolving process, and Maureen said she is very open to where life takes her.

Kenyan band Elani
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Minus the band, Maureen also talked about her marriage and how it has helped her grow.  

She revealed that her experience as a married woman has been very vital in helping her see things from other people’s perspectives.

“I used to be a controlling lady, I thought the road was straight. I swiftly learned that other people also have lists. I have learned to trust myself and my opinions and other people’s opinions are just as valid as mine, also to let go and let God sometimes,” Maureen revealed.

The singer went on to add that she feels that even outside her marriage she'd eventually have learned that lesson at a point in life

"Life is a beautiful thing and if I didn’t learn that lesson this way I probably would have learned it on a set somewhere,” she said.

Maureen went on to advise couples to learn to seek their own happiness first.

“There is no part of life that is a fairy tale, you can romanticize your life and put in the work to make sure your life is as happy as you want it to be but don’t entrust that happiness to anybody else except yourself because you can’t control what other people do or say,” Maureen advised.

She went on to add:

“Happiness cannot be in something outside of ourselves, we need to be in the driver’s seat of our own lives, create your own happiness first, that’s the only way you can be able to fill someone else.”

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