KRG faults his sister-in-law for his failed marriage

The artist claimed his ex-wife wasn't an independent thinker thus easily swayed

KRG the Don blames his sister-in-law for his failed marriage
Image: Instagram

Controversial dancehall artiste and businessman KRG the Don just opened up about contributing factors that led to the crumble of his 10-year marriage with the mother of his 2 kids.

Speaking to YouTuber Mungai Eve, KRG faulted his sister-in-law for poisoning his wife citing that his wife's sister had always been jealous of their relationship and the flashy lifestyle.

"You know she has never been an independent thinker... always relying on other people and always listening to her friends and sister for advice on anything and everything... and sadly they usually gave her bad advice," Krg said.

The father of two went on to add that he always felt the sister was jealous as she'd spent 13 years in Qatar but still came back with nothing. And that is why she was envious of them and the lavish lifestyle that Krg could afford.

He also revealed that his ex trying to sell off the 6 million whip that he'd gifted her is what prompted him to take back the car from his ex-wife.

"She wanted to sell it and then ety buy a smaller one then start a business with the rest of the money.... You know she thought that her life would remain the same after our divorce.... she soon found out she couldn't maintain the lifestyle I'd put her on. 

You know she was even asking for maintenance fees. I was angry I had gifted her for being the mother of my kids, and now that she had chosen to listen to her friends, she did not deserve anything from me." The artist revealed.

Responding to a claim that he hasn't moved on, KRG stated that they had been married for a long time and that moving on will take time for both him and his ex-wife, but he considers himself fortunate because he has work and parenting to keep himself busy, unlike his baby mama, who is probably doing drugs to numb the pain of the divorce.

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