Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios
Singer Willy Paul Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios

Singer Willy Paul has revealed that his mum is seriously sick.

Pozzee as he is fondly referred to shared a viral photo from one of the content creators who alleged that Pozze's mum was languishing in poverty despite his stardom.

Willy Pozzee got emotional about the allegations asking people to give his mum a break as she is unwell.

He asked his fans to help trace the content creator so he could explain to him what message he wanted to deliver to his fans.

Pozzee was even angry that some people have decided to use his brand to chase clout despite him working hard for it.

"I think I've had enough manze. I've worked for this name saaana. Nikiona how people use my name for clout inaniweka tu uzuni. Hakuna kitu imeniuma kama hii.. 

Yaani my mother is very sick alafu some clout chaser anakuja kumtaja kwa uwongo? Basi angenitaja tu coz mimi watu wamezoea. Why drag mamangu kwa upuzi??

Please anyone with information ya place uyu jamaa anaweza patikana akuje atusaidia hapa.

A few years ago, the Saldido Records CEO said his mother has been sick for the past 17 years.

Willy made the revelation while unveiling his new song that he has featured Tanzanian Singer Ben pol.

"My mother has been sick for 17yrs now, sometimes she's fine sometimes she's not! Her sickness is on and off. But I believe that the same god that gave her life and made her my mother, is the same god that will heal her. Story for another day..... watch my new song... a dedication to my mum.. mama pozze."

He added that one of his song "Mamangu" was a special dedication to his mother.

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