Simon Kabu and daughter Dubai
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Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu is having the time of his life with his grown up daughter in Dubai.

The businessman has a daughter and a son with two different baby mamas.

He also has two kids with his current wife Sarah Kabu.

Sharing a photo of himself and his daughter Maureen, he captioned

"With my Daughter Maureen in #dubai and #abudhabi . Desert safari was Lit ."

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jacquemaribe She is so lovely, great meeting you people at the airport and flying together it was a good experience. I'm officially Bonfired

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In 2021 the Kabu's were caught up in drama after Sarah Kabu exposed her husband for allegedly having two other baby mamas.

The Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu revealed he has a 24-years-old daughter from his previous relationship.

While speaking in an interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, the mother of two said her husband informed her that he had children with two different women.

"When we were getting married and he told me about the daughter and the mother, I told him I hope they will not start interfering with our marriage," she narrated.

Simon Kabu and daughter

Sarah explained;

"He had another relationship and he got a daughter, he had another relationship with someone else and they had a son."

Sarah was at the time living separately from her husband said they discussed it and Kabu said they were comfortable wherever they are and they would never come to interfere. 

"We have lived as he supported them although one of the baby mama is very dramatic and sometimes she even insults him."

Sarah said she had met both baby mamas but she refused the children to live with her. She said the reason she did not want them is that he met Kabu a single man.

"He had decided to bring one of the children into our family and I refused. I asked him to give them all the support they need since I only needed my neat family."

"They wanted to bring one of the babies by force. I stood my ground from the word go. If we part ways, I also expect him to support my children. I told him I did not want drama. I did not pick him up from one of his houses. I found you a miserable young man and we have built ourselves,".