Janet Mbugua recalls being bullied horribly as a TV anchor

The media personality confessed to being insanely trolled for anchoring prime-time news while pregnant

Janet Mbugua.
Image: Instagram/Janet Mbugua.

Media personality, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Janet Mbugua is reliving her first pregnancy and how she was bullied for anchoring news while pregnant.

Janet who is among the biggest names in the Kenyan media industry used to anchor prime-time news on Citizen TV.

When she got pregnant with her first son as a woke female in the industry she decided to go on with her work because pregnancy isn't a disability however, Kenyans didn't see it as so.

Speaking to NairobiNews the mother of 2 recalled how she was a victim of cyber-bullying while working as a news anchor as she confessed to being insanely trolled when she anchored prime-time news on Citizen TV news while pregnant.


"As a news anchor, reporter, presenter, as a woman, first of all, just that on its own, there is always something that will come at you,” started off the author of My First Time started off.

She went on to add, "Every day, there were hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV or we can’t stand looking at you while you are reading the news like that.

I think it had happened before me, just that I was on a widely watched TV in the region.”

Janet Mbugua
Image: Courtesy

The mother of 2 noted that she didn't allow the hate to get to her as she was not going to give trolls the pleasure of stopping her from achieving her goals.

Speaking to people who have experienced the rough patches of life, Janet advised them to learn to be kind and nice to themselves to allow their souls to heal fully.

She noted that it wasn't a smooth sailing process thus why kindness was the biggest ingredient in healing.

Janet also encouraged people on this journey to learn to communicate with their circle so that people can understand their journey.

“It’s okay, healing is messy and you will have good days and bad. Some days you’ll be in good form, some days you won’t. The secret is being kind to yourself as you dance between the two.

We’re all just trying to get by as best we can. It doesn’t make you a bad person, a poor leader, a terrible parent, an insensitive sibling, an ungrateful child, and a distant friend, at that moment you’re in bad form.

Just remember, healing takes time. Let the people around you understand, just like there’s always time for pain, there’s always time for healing,” said the Inua Dada founder.

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