Harmonize finally covers up Kajala's face tattoo on his leg

The artist had gotten the tattoo as an appreciation to Kajala for forgiving him

Harmonize finally covers up tattoo of ex lover Frida Kajala
Harmonize finally covers up tattoo of ex lover Frida Kajala

'Single Again' hitmaker Harmonize has finally gotten new ink to cover up the tattoo he got of his ex-fiancee Fridah Kajala and her daughter Paula on his foot.

Taking to his Instagram stories the Tanzanian artist shared a photo of his new ink as he finally confirmed to his fans and followers that he'd officially turned a new life.

Konde Boy's cover-up tattoo embodies what he terms "The pride of Tanzania." This is the famous Mount Kilimanjaro as well as the epic flora and fauna around it.

In another post highlighting the whole process of getting the cover-up tattoo, he showed his ink artist working on his leg and captioned, "Going on tour with no past memories on my body."

Harmonize's new tattoo that covers up the former Frida Kajala tattoo that he had on his foot
Harmonize getting a cover up tattoo to erase Kajala's face from his foot

Three months ago speaking about his emotional attachment with Kajala's face on his leg the Tanzanian artist had announced that he wasn't sure whether he'd get rid of his ex-lover's tattoo or not.

"Tattoo is a personal thing and it's not something you can talk about. Mwangalie tu kuona kama itakuwepo ama haitakuwepo," he said during an interview.

Last year after Frida Kajala finally carved into Harmonize's begging and expensive acts of apology, the two got back together and to celebrate the occasion the bongo superstar got a tattoo of the actress and her teen daughter on his leg to celebrate.

Following their reconciliation and in a final bid to prove just how sorry he was, the Bongo star got inked in honour of his lover.

He went ahead and got a throwback photo of Kajala and her daughter Paula tattooed on his leg alongside neatly calligraphic words that read, "I am sorry."

Shortly afterward he went on to propose to Frida in a lavish star-studded red and gold-themed garden event. The actress joyfully agreed to marry the artist but things didn't work out between the two as they ended up having a nasty and dramatic online split 3 months later with Kajala dumping Harmonize.

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