in a file photo
Jacque Maribe with Jowie Irungu in a file photo
Image: The-Star

The main suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, Jowie Irungu, on Thursday, admitted in court that he lied to the police regarding a gunshot wound on his left shoulder.

Jowie had initially told the investigating team that he sustained the wound following an assault by thugs.

But today he told trial Judge Grace Nzioka that he accidentally shot himself in the arm in the heat of an argument with his former girlfriend Jacque Maribe.

The argument was allegedly in regard to some messages Jowie saw on Maribe's phone.

Jowie said he was intoxicated and angry with what he had seen on the phone. He did not reveal the contents of what he saw. But explained he had raised the issue with one of their friends.

Jowie subsequently took his clothes and started throwing them out of the window and in the heat of things, a gun belonging to one Brian went off. That is when he accidentally shot himself.

The prosecution, in poking holes into his defense, sought to find out if Jowie was a licensed gun holder.

In response, Jowie said he was only licensed at the time he used to be a security consultant in Dubai and not in Kenya. Photographs have shown him handling sophisticated firearms.

To disabuse his narrative, the prosecution played a video clip in court showing Jowie handling a gun at Mariebe's house.

It was on the same day they had an argument.

He is heard saying, "Always pray for your toy before any active day."

Irungu and Maribe are jointly charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani whose body was found in a bathtub in her house at Lamuria Gardens in Kilimani, Nairobi county on September 19, 2018.