KOT mercilessly reacts to video of lady weeping in a Range Rover

In the video, the lady alighted the car and walked away in tears

KOT reacts to viral video of lady alighting a range rover crying

Kenyans on Twitter are having a field day after a video was posted online capturing a lady walking out of a luxury car in the middle of traffic and walking away in tears.

In the short 18 seconds video that was posted on Twitter by a user identified as Wakili Mwenda a lady can be seen alighting from the co-driver seat of a sleek black Range Rover that is stuck in traffic.

Mwenda captioned the video, "Heri ulie kwenye Range Rover' ameshuka Range Rover kulia"

She seems very agitated as she turns back to have one last conversation with whoever is in the driver seat. The two exchange a few words that don't seem to change the fate of the situation.

In an emotional and angry state, the said lady angrily slams the car door and walks away in tears.

The video currently has over 169 thousand views, 2.3 thousand likes, 236 comments and has been shared over 1.1 thousand times.

KOT rose to the occasion being the merciless jokers that they are.

Some joked that it was Sauti Sol's hit song "Money Lover" come to life while the more compassionate ones called out whoever who had recorded the video for invading someone's privacy especially at such a low moment.

A section of caring netizens hoped the lady hadn't forgotten anything valuable like keys or her phone in the car as they hoped she had enough cash to get her where she was going.

Below are a few comments:

Captain Rodgers@TayRodg: Alafu anakumbuka amesahau simu kwa gari saizo ndio traffic imefunguka na hana cash at hand

Blacknificent@OsindeJr: Nikishukishwa kwa Range nikafuate Embasava, hata me naeza lia.

Banter In Chief@__ItsTino: Ukisema kesi baadae, alaf baadae ifike..

Free Spirit@FirstOfficerMax: Instant regret akifika stage ya Kinoo aitwe, "aunty, bado mmoja" apogee set for three hours

Wikota@Wikota7: Woi...I hope alikua amekula lunch aki

Ma_Guy°@Kiprop_E_:  kimemrambaa

@Vantage1420: Ameenda kucheka kwenye boda boda kidogo

Muthoni's daughter@Muthoni_____: Whoever recorded this, why? Then they brought it to social media? Yaani someone can't have a low moment without people recording it?

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