Andrew Kibe
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Andrew Kibe has always been seen by many as a prophet of doom for some celebrity couples.

With every new celebrity couple that presents itself on the internet as a couple that chooses to go public with their relationship, he always has something to say.

The YouTuber has done detailed and accurate videos stating reasons why he thinks some of these couples won't last.

Here are some of the couples that he has predicted for breakups:

1. Frankie JustGymIt and Corazon Kwamboka

The controversial ex radio presenter, had predicted that their relationship wouldn't last long because he just dumped his wife Maureen Waititu to go be with her. 

True to his words the couple broke up after 2 and 1/2 years together.

2. Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga

The ex radio presenter had also predicted that this young couple would not stay together because they are too young went on ahead to have a baby and are not even married.

Georgina Njenga just confirmed their break up last night on her Instagram stories.

3. Nadia Mukami and Arrowboy

They had also been part of the couples that he had predicted a break up because of their different upbringings, but the two are still together.

4. Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru

This is a particular couple, that has faced a lot of negativity from the social commentator even when they had done a face reveal of their baby, but are still together.

5. Eve Mungai and Director Trevor

For these two he particularly has said that Eve Mungai will dump Director Trevor as soon as she climbs the social ladder, but that has not happened yet.

The couple has always hit back at him whenever he comments about them.

6. Terrence Creative and Milly Chebby

Andrew Kibe felt that with his comedy that makes him dress up like a lady he is losing his masculinity and that they will not be together but that is not the case.