Brian Chira

TikToker Brian Chira is out here setting the record straight on claims that he is gay.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about you? Kalondu Musyimi asked.

Chira replied; "That I'm gay!"

Kalondu interjected with "Are you? to which Brian Chira stated "No!".

The content creator usually puts on makeup at times during his live sessions on Tiktok and also wears fake nails.

Most people have attributed this kind of behaviour to gayism and any man who does this is automatically declared gay.

'"For me when I go on those lives with a full face beat and artificial nails it is because I am just trying to advertise my business and craft."

The Tiktoker says that he is into beauty and makeup and does run a business but he is mobile and doesn't really have a shop set up.

He says for him he is already used to the sentiments people make of him, though he says at times he breaks down because of the treatment he gets.

"I cry sometimes ebu imagine nimeenda mahali nauza tu switi zangu then mtu anasema ndio ule shoga anakuja just imagine"

The young man says that such moments always take him back to the times the mother was still alive as she used to be his stronghold.

"But if there is one thing I really tell myself is that I cannot always try to change people's opinions about me, I just let them talk"

He says some of the things that people usually judge his sexuality because of how he speaks and acts on his Tiktoks.

"Unajua mimi this is how I speak and act and I know I have some girly behaviour but nilizaliwa ivi sio ati nilijifunza"

When asked about why he says he has a crush on Andrew Kibe and Oga Obinna, that maybe it might be the reason people also think he is gay.

He says that he just loves the content they put up and he would really love to meet Andrew Kibe the day he comes back to Kenya.

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