Diamond Platnumz

WCB President Diamond Platnumz has fired back at his critics after being accused of copy-pasting seven Nigerian songs.

In a statement, Platnumz blasted his critics for being hypocrites. He argued that when Nigerian artists sample other people’s work they are termed geniuses but when he does it critics are quick to brand him a copycat.

He went on to assure his fans that he is not bothered by what his critics are saying because his main focus is on chasing the bag.


 “Niko angani to TORONTO CANADA, naskia huko duniani kila nyumba, Club. Chochoro na kona ya Mtandao Gumzo ni Enjoy® . Hayo Mengine niachie

Mie....Ukisikia Mtoto anapiga kelele ujue bakoraiimemuingia!...Maana Wakifanya Wengine, utaskia Magenius Wanaakili Wamesample, tukifanya sie tumekopi! Wangekua waumiza vichwa

“Kweli wangeimba Mangaka, lizombe au Lingunjumu Ngoma na miziki ya kwetu...Mbona wameenda Kudandia Amapiano? tena zakuandikiwa... Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Fyuuuuu,”


“Right now I'm on my way to Canada and I hear our song enjoy is being played everywhere. And all the other speculations leave it to me.

When you hear kids crying it means that the beating has touched the body because when they do the sampling they are branded genius but when we do it they say we have copied.

Why are they also doing amapiano that they can’t even write,” Diamond said.

The star has been a trending topic in Nigeria following claims that he had sampled seven Nigerian songs.

A Twitter user went ham on Diamond pitting all his songs with those he believes he copied from their artistes.

In the said songs, there is a striking resemblance between the melodies used in Platnumz songs and those from Nigeria.

The list comes at a time, the WCB President has been topping charts in Nigeria with his single ‘Enjoy’ featuring Juma Jux.

Many argued that the singer was just inspired to create a similar sound to the one that was already on the market.

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