Wanjiru Shiro on why they parted ways with Crazy Kennar
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Tales of Crazy Kennar member Wanjiru 'Africas' Shiro has finally addressed why they no longer work with Crazy Kennar.

Responding to a curious fan, Africas opted to set the record straight as to why they parted ways with Crazy Kennar.

According to her statement, their contracts were terminated but she failed to give more details about the same.

This was news to most people, as we all thought as fans that they just worked together because they all loved the same things and were friends.

The content group that worked with Crazy Kennar has not been seen together for a while not only content-wise but also just regular hangouts.

The ladies seemed to be attacking each other through cryptic posts that the individuals kept on posting on their Instagram stories.

None of them when reached out to by bloggers would openly comment on the state of their friendship and why they even stopped following each other.

Even at a time when Crazy Kennar had posted about depression hinting he was depressed, Yvonne Khisa was still firing her shots.

The group members have been seen to be doing content together with one of their members who left long ago, Useful Idioty.

Despite all the speculations, Crazy Kennar has not responded directly to anything that has been said about him. He has continued to create videos after taking a short break.

Africas's direct response puzzled many as the crew was such a tight circle and no one knows the cause of their fallout.

Crazy Kennar has also been doing content on his own with Kenyans welcoming him back online after a short break.

From the statements made seems like they didn't leave willingly but were forced out of the group and the contracts were used as an excuse.

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