Chito and Kwambox react to baby daddy who reappeared after 17 years

The man gotten mad at his wife while he was in Nairobi and decided never to return to his family in Kakamega

Kwambox and Chito in the Kiss FM Studios

Kiss FM presenters Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox had a hilarious studio session as they reacted to a trending story of a man who returned to his family after 17 years.

"Of course, we want to have this conversation about this babe from Kakamega, unajua hii story imeniwasha maahn,it really just reinforced to me that wueh mhm... narrative," started off Kwambox.

She went on to narrate a few nitty gritty's about the story for those who were unfamiliar with what they were talking about.


"Her husband disappeared and just came back after 17 years of absence!" The radio host added.

Kwambox went on to reveal how shocked she was upon seeing villagers celebrating the man even though he'd abandoned his family.

"The man was given a heros welcome and I was super shocked. He was being lifted up on the shoulders and celebrated and I was like guys!"


A surprised Chito jumped into the conversation inquiring why the man was being celebrated as the story failed to make sense to him.

"What was he being celebrated for? Being a deadbeat dad of the decade?" A displeased Chito quipped.

Finishing up the story Kwambox added that apparently, the husband had travelled to Nairobi to search for greener pastures, while in the city he heard stories that his spouse had moved on, and that angered him.

So he passed off all parental and spousal responsibilities.

He got so angry that he vowed never to return... only to do so 17 years later.

Seeing as she had been abandoned, the lady picked up the pieces and found a Rwandan guy and the two settled together for 4 years only to have their lives now through into a state of confusion with the sudden return of the said man.

Ironically, the lady even though she'd been abandoned and hadn't seen this man for 17 years ended up breaking things off with the Rwandan guy.

"She decides ala, umerudi... kidogo kidogo Mr. Rwanda anaambiwa wueh, Kagame anakuita. Go help build your country," Kwambox paraphrased the situation trying to make it light-hearted.

Chito went on to reveal that he's ever been in an almost similar situation although for them they had boundaries.

Even though he was entangled with a single mom he'd made it clear that he wouldn't take up any daddy duties as he didn't sire the kid and things between them weren't that serious.

"I've dated a baby mama before and I had one rule, every time I'd see the toi and the toi was there smiling at me and I'm like mimi sikupatii soda, mimi si baba yako! But I'd stated it before," Chito said with no remorse whatsoever, leaving Kwambox super surprised.

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