Flaqo's excellent reason for lessening content output

The comedian revealed his reason during a QnA with fans

as Mama Otis
Flaqo as Mama Otis
Image: Mpasho

Famed digital content creator, social media influence and creative director Flaqo Raz has revealed why he has not been posting content as much as he used to in the past.

The YouTube content creator got into details after a fan of his commented on one of his videos complaining about the lack of content.

On his Instagram stories, Flaqo shared a screenshot of the comment before responding to the concerns raised by the fan identified as @ogechilinus1


"Buana what happened to dropping skits on Saturdays every week? Siku hizi huwa tunangoja hadi tunagive up (these days we wait till we just end up giving up)" lamented the netizen.

He finished off by appreciating the work that Flaqo was still doing even though the promised weekend skits were lagging behind.

"Anyway keep up with the good work," the last of his post read.


Flaqo started off by appreciating the support of his fans before going on to note that the main reason he hasn't been dropping content consecutively is due to all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The digital content creator revealed he'd chosen to focus on delivering quality content as opposed to saturating his sites with content that was mediocre.

"1st ,Thank you all for this amazing level of support... had to cut down quantity and spark quality," Flaqo started off.

He went on to highlight some of his plight that read him to that very decision.

"Being 5 different people consistently for close to 5 years means I gotta work 5 times harder than an individual, it no be ease," Flaqo explained before adding;

"Shooting a 20-minute show takes 36 hours nonstop shooting... meant it could not smoothly be a weekly but a fortnightly."

Finishing up he shared some exciting news with his fans letting them know their favourite show was making a comeback.

"Also "The Bakari Show" loading nicely please subscribe to "Flaqo Studios" channel," the last of his post read.

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