Bensoul's baby mama shares video of the night they first met

Tiffany Wanjiru
Bensoul's Baby mama Tiffany Wanjiru
Image: Saidi Abdalla

Kenyans have been treated to a pleasant and interesting surprise after Bensol's baby mama shared a video of the day the two met first met.

In a post shared in her Instagram stories, the mother of one re-posted a video that her friend had shared highlighting the moment from 2 years ago when Bensol had a performance in Mombasa for the Oktabest concert on 31st October 2021.

Tiffany looked totally smitten as she hugged Bensoul. The two of them also posed for a picture as they went on to exchange some pleasantries.


"So how do you feel tonight Tiffany?" Her friend who was recording the video could be heard asking,

"Like I won a jackpot!" Tiffany excitedly responded. She went on to add, "I wanted to see him and I'm so happy I did actually! So happy,"

Bensol then complimented her before leaving to say hey to other people in the VIP section.


Captioning the video Tiffany wrote, "I was just a really really happy fan with my limping leg."

Before she went on to call out her friend for sharing the video, "You are not allowed to embarrass me like this," wrote Tiffany accompanying it with crying emojis.

Tiffany and Ben's relationship rocked airwaves as it came as a surprise to the world. This is because Ben at the time was publicly dating Noni Gathoni.

Noni and Ben ended things earlier this year. At the time, the two had been together for more than 2 years before news of Tiffany's pregnancy broke out.

Asked whether the baby is a product of a one-night stand in a past interview Tifanny responded by saying; 

"Well, I will just say this...I met him during the Oktobafest. I think it was on 31st October and now i am 3 months pregnant as of end of February. You can do the math and see whether the pregnancy was as a result of on nightstand or not."

"Our baby is not a product of a one-time thing."

Tiffany and Bensoul celebrated their daughter's birthday just days ago. The little one turned 1.

Screengrab from video shared by Tiffany
Image: courtesy

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