Kenyan nurse turned digital content creator and comedian David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah has revealed that he is currently living lavish in a Sh. 70k 3-bedroom apartment in Nairobi.

Mulamwah and his wife Ruth K  recently relocated from a dingy bedsitter in the less affluent sides of the city where Mulamwah had been residing for the last couple of years.

The move is such a huge move for the father of two seeing as he has shifted from paying Sh. 9k monthly rent to hundreds of thousands.

Speaking about the move, the comic revealed that he had decided to let his young family enjoy life on the good side of the capital city before they relocated to the mansion he was building back in his rural area.

“According to vile time ziko ni kujipanga panga ukijispoil tuh kidogo… Hapo ni Sh.70,000 sababu tunapiga biashara sawa mungu ametubless wacha tutulie Nairobi Kidogo before tuleave.

(I just decided to let me spoil myself for a whole as we plan ourselves. The house we are staying at goes for 70K, I opted for it because business has been good and God has blessed us. So let us chill in Nairobi for a little bit before we leave)," said the father of 2 while speaking to SPM Buzz.

Image: Instagram

The digital content creator decided to humble brag revealing that he pays his rent yearly so as to avoid stress and minor inconveniences in between the calendar year.

The comedian picked the habit while living in his Sh. 9K house in the ghetto and he notes it helped him focus on other things in between the months.

Speaking about his mansion he noted it was almost complete and before the end of the year, everything would be ready.

“It has cost me Sh 10 million, with Sh 4 million remaining. It is a little money, and I will complete the project in a few months," stated the father of 2.

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