Ruth K recounts how shabby Mulamwah's bedsitter looked first time she visited

Mulamwah finally packed up and relocated to a 3-bedroom apartment in a more posh side of the city.

Mulamwah with his baby mama Ruth K
Image: Instagram

A video of Mulamwah's baby mama Ruth K narrating her first experience in his Sh9k bedsitter house in the slums of Nairobi has surfaced online following his relocation.

On the 22nd of February, Mulamwah finally packed up and relocated to a 3-bedroom apartment in a more posh side of the city. 

He shared a video excitedly documenting the move as he highlighted how life in the ghetto had shaped him.

Following the move, a video on TikTok has emerged showing Ruth K aka bestie recounting her first time in the little house.

Ruth revealed that Mulamwah had completely withheld the location of his residence and only asked her to dress well when pulling up for their first encounter.

"He kept asking what shoe are you wearing? What have you worn? I thought he wanted me to kill it. I did not know he was trying to tell me not to look very smart," started off the new mom in a video posted by a TikTok page identified as Ruth K Nanny.

Laughing at her naivety she went on to detail what she wore and the bombshell that struck her once she arrived at her destination.


"I wore a short dress, an off-shoulder and I wore shoes with ropes. I knew he would know me that day. But my shoes got stuck and he reminded me that he advised me to wear something simple," Ruth added.


As if her shoes getting stuck and the culture shock of being in ghetto was not enough, Ruth recalls her shock upon entering the comedian's house.

His house looked like something from a movie, unreal. She maintains it was the curtains the comedian had at the moment that completely shocked her.

This made her think of giving his house a proper face lift which she proposed to the now father of two who according to Ruth was down and willing to pay for everything.

"The curtains I found here, even if it's you, you would not stay in such a house. I don't know if it was a miniskirt or a window cut, the ones that someone outside would see what you're doing inside the house.


The next day, I went shopping for curtains and sent paybill and asked him to pay for curtains," Ruth narrated.

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