Hamisa Mobeto: Diamond and I had 2 pregnancies before Dylan

The model is a mother of two

Hamisa Mobetto
Tanzanian actor and musician Hamisa Mobetto
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Tanzanian model and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto has revealed she and multi-award winning bongo artist Diamond Platnumz had 2 more kids before conceiving their son Dylan.

Hamisa during an interview with Wasafi FM opened up about how while she was dating the 'Kwangwaru' hitmaker he had expressed intense desire to start a family with her.

She emphasized that neither of her two kids was a mistake making it clear that they were born out of love.


The model is a mother of two kids, a daughter whom she shares with Tanzanian media mogul Majizzo and a son whom she shares with the 'Young Rich and African' reality TV star, Diamond Platnumz.

“When I had my two children, it was because I was in love. There were no mistakes. I was totally devoted to their fathers,” Hamisa said candidly.

Speaking about her controversial relationship with baba Dylan, she revealed that she and Diamond had conceived twice before their son, but sadly lost both kids as the pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

Hamisa Mobetto and her son
Hamisa Mobetto and her son

Hamisa notes she lost her first baby while she and Diamond were travelling together.

All this according to her recount in an earlier interview transpired while the artist was still married to Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan.

“Nadhani katika mtu mwenye uhakika zaidi kuhusu mtoto kuwa ni wake au sio wake ni Diamond, kwa sababu hata kabla sijapata mimba ya Dylan, nilishapata ujauzito wake mara tatu na bahati mbaya ukaharibika,”Hamisa said while addressing the question surrounding her son's paternity and if the singer has ever requested her to undergo a DNA test. 

The couple conceived their son, Dylan Nasseb, in August 2017. However, over time Hamisa and Diamond had a nasty fallout leading to eyebrows being raised on whether Platnumz was really the father of the young kid.

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