Chiki Kuruka, Shenseea, Bien and Tems

Digital content creator, choreographer, and Bien Baraza's manager Chiki Kuruka perfectly shut down a radio presenter who reached out to her for gossip.

On Wednesday, Milele FM’s Ankali reached out to her with questions about Bien’s confession about having a crush on Shenseea and Tems.

However, Chiki declined to respond, questioning why the radio presenter never called her when Bien was winning in life.


"Sorry, we don't get involved in that type of gossip, so don't call me with such questions," responded Chiki.

A furious Chiki went on to say;

"Do you know what Bien has also done? He was on the BAL courtside, no one called me about that. Bien is also releasing a single with Fally Ipupa, no one is calling me about that. Bien spoke about his album release happening on the 5th with all these other artists, no one is calling me about that.


"Bien sold out a show with Heineken, no one called me about that. Bien just sold out an entire Australian tour, no one called me about that. So if you want to call about gossip, call someone else,"

Shenseea, Bien and Tems

On the other hand, Chiki reposted a post made by Mpasho, saying that she doesn’t blame her husband for crushing on Shenseea and Tems.

Don’t blame him. Two absolute Queens. Weuh some people take life too serious, Chiki Kuruka said.

Appearing on Obinna Live, Bien confessed that he has a crush on Tems and Shenseea – eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans.

 “I have dream women, many of them... just imagine if Tems DMs me, I’d have to talk to my wife, even if it were you, and if Shenseea DMs me, she could hit and run...” Bien shared.

The 'Lifestyle' hitmaker also disclosed why he chose his wife Chiki as his manager, explaining two reasons: She is trustworthy and easily accessible.