'I have no life regrets,' Amber Ray

Amber Ray admitted that she had done terrible mistakes but she would never let that define her as she ended up where she was meant to

Amber Ray
Amber Ray

Entrepreneur/ socialite turned musician Amber Ray must hold the secrets to the universe because the Kamba babe seems to be hitting all the right cards.

Gushing over her current boyfriend on her insta stories Amber made it clear that she held no regrets nor was she even in the tinniest bit ashamed over the way she had lived her life thus far.

The mother of one wrote, " one thing I can never be ashamed of is my past …...I agree have done so many terrible mistakes, broken so many rules, disobeyed God in so many ways and asked for forgiveness but I can never limit myself to my past coz that's what made me who I am today …."


She went on to add that although tomorrow is always uncertain what keeps her going is that deep down she knows things always get better. Before adding that her current relationship was a dream and Kennedy was doing everything right. 

" I don't know what the future has installed for me but I know the grass is always greener on the other side, and am absolutely enjoying this phase and I can't wait to experience growth even more🥰 Thank you my love for being so intentional. #gonegirl #amberthebrand." The rest of her post read.


Two days earlier, still gushing over her man Amber posted a video of her and Kennedy and captioned it, " There's a certain level of peace that comes with being sure about someone.


Whether it's being sure about their intentions, their role in your life, or their character... It's freeing and comforting to know that what you see is what you get, and their actions match their words.👌"

Clearly the 30-year-old is smitten by her new lover and things are going on smoothly.

Amber must have known she was about to hit the jackpot (or she had already done and was keeping it low-key) two months ago when she promised she was not giving up on love.

During a past IG QnA session A curious fan asked the mother of one, "are you considering getting married for a second time?"

And in good spirit Amber didn't take offence in the question, she laughed it off and answered with her usual sense of humour."3rd time you mean? Of course, we ain't giving up on love." Amber replied.

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