Why Akothee openly displays her life on social media

Akothee is known for putting her love life and family drama on social media without shame or fear

Akothee reveals why she puts her life on social media
Akothee Akothee reveals why she puts her life on social media
Image: Instagram

Honestly speaking I don't know how Akothee does not have a reality show, I bet it'd be among the highest-rating show on the screens.

Well, she is an awfully busy lady so shooting would maybe be hectic, I'm guessing.

If you know Madam Boss aka self-appointed chairlady of single mothers Esther Akothee then you know she loves letting in her followers on her business. Sometimes even as things develop.

Weirdly enough though she doesn't name-drop. The shade will be thrown or boyfriends shown but half of the time names will remain anonymous.

The mother of 5 lives her life vicariously and unashamed. And she'll share these moments with her fans, even when she's attacking her family.

With people constantly in her comment section asking her to learn to be more private, Akothee took to her Instagram to explain why her life is all over social media as she pleases.

"My social media handles are my Tv channels, if you don't have shares on it you can't tell me what/ when to post and what not to," part of her long post read.

She went on to add that as long as her audience was happy then she was okay.

Highlighting that she knows her fans don't like surprises or being kept waiting and that's why she's always updating them.

Akothee with her new man
Image: Instagram

"My audience are happy with my life their entertainment. They hate surprises and wants first hand information.

And if a family event is to happen, you also post on your various handles, Why is posting my life, being a threat to you ?" The artist posed the question to all the people who feel like she posts too much. 

She then went on to add, "did you build this channel? Or is it an inheritance? Do you have what it takes being AKOTHEE and being Akothees fans?

Do you know what my fans have to go through to survive here as a fan? Just imagine now I want to tell them how heavily pregnant my dog is and they are okay with it.

Adding that; "I have not stopped any other person with a pregnant dog to post their dog. Post your postings and stop bringing your a lot on my a lot. I have a lot of a lots going on in my alotnes.

"Deal with your a lot and leave me in peace."

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