Kim Kardashian's private Jet denied entry to Vegas for her birthday party

Kim K and the family had taken Kylie's private jet to Las Vegas to go celebrate KIm's 42nd birthday

Her birthday plans got cancelled
Entrepreneur Kim Kardashian Her birthday plans got cancelled
Image: Instagram

Reality TV star and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian had some wild plans for her 42nd birthday party but the universe was not in agreement.

Taking to Instagram the Kardashian/Jenner family as well as a few of Kim's friends documented festivities for Kim's mega birthday night which began on Kylie's private jet with the family dressed in all white. 

Once on the plane, it was revealed that Kim's birthday surprise was to go see Usher in Las Vegas.

However, on arrival, the National Weather Service denied them permission to land as it had announced a high wind warning on Friday.

It seems as if the warning did not stop the KarJenners from trying to fly into the city with hopes but, it did stop them from landing.

The jet tried landing at two different airports

Kim went on her Instagram stories to let her fans know that she had tried by all means to land in Vegas but airport control just wouldn't have it.

"But it was too dangerous so safety first always, and we flew back home." "For the record, we did fly to Vegas and tried to land twice at two different airports..." wrote the mother of 4.

She went on to add, "but it was too dangerous so safety first always, and we flew back home."

Image: Instagram

Quite ironic if you ask me. The family decided to fly out even though a warning had been issued on Friday.

On top of that, they acted as if the staff at the first airport did not know what they were doing/saying so they tried finding a "backdoor" to see if they could get their way and when that failed it is when they realized it was dangerous.

The birthday girl and her team ended up flying back and taking her party bus where they partied for a while before they went to get burgers at a late-night fast food joint with the whole camera/lights/sound crew still recording if I might add.

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