Femi One gives pointers on how to trend in Kenya

Femi highlighted that talking negatively about Kenyan music seems to be a trend

Femi One
Femi One

One of Kenya's best rappers Femi One has a few few pointers on how to get your popularity score up and your name trending if clout is your thing.

The "Utawezana" hit maker clearly fed up with the wrangles that have been going on and everyone trying to play Kenya's music chosen saviour took to her Instagram to muse over how dissing Kenyan music has become the fastest ticket to popularity.

I mean what artist are trying to hint at is whether good or bad fame is still fame. 


"You want to be famous? You want to grow your Instagram?

You want to be posted on blogs? Just say anything negative about Kenyan artists utaitwa mpaka interviews panel mdiscuss matters Kenyan artists! You will trend." Wrote the rapper clearly triggered by all the madness that has been going around.

And I mean she is not telling lies.


Eric Omondi has been making headlines left right and centre over his remarks regarding Kenyan music and artists.

He seemed overly upset with Nigerian and South African artists coming to headline concerts in Kenya while no Kenyan artists share the same pleasure in other African countries.

Following this Bien and Eric have been at loggerheads ever since the comedian started fighting for Kenyan entertainers.

Omondi accused Kenyan entertainers of being lazy - allowing Nigeria and South African stars to dominate the music scene.

He went ahead to encourage artists to use clout to sell their content with an explanation that showbiz need not be boring.

An idea Bien vehemently disagreed with.

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