Raburu's ex-wife makes heartbreaking admission about daughter's death

Marya and Raburu lost a daughter called Adana on 31st Dec 2019

The couple had a contentious split after they lost their child 2 years ago
Marya Prude and Willis Raburu. The couple had a contentious split after they lost their child 2 years ago
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Marya Prude, the ex-wife of Willis Raburu, is still mourning the loss of her daughter Adana.

On December 31, 2019, Adana passed away not long after her birth.

Marya recently posted an emotional message to finish October in which she expressed the fact that she still remembers her daughter.


October serves as a memorial for children who died while still in utero or throughout infancy.

There are many ways for grieving parents, family members, and friends to honor and remember the tiny ones who have died away this month.

Marya has expressed her regret at losing her child
Marya Prude with Willis Raburu. Marya has expressed her regret at losing her child
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Marya admitted that she sometimes feels responsible for the death of her daughter and wishes there had been an other way to do things to keep her alive.

"Losing a child or a pregnancy is not easy and most of the time we blame ourselves and have these voices “maybe I could have gone to the doc earlier, maybe I could have rested more, maybe I could’ve gone for more tests…," she wrote.

Marya further encouraged other parents who have lost pregnancies or children in their lives.

"These are some of the questions I have but God knows if you knew you could have saved your child in one way or another you really could have or even exchanged your life for theirs. I know it’s difficult but I’m just here to talk to you, you’re not alone and even though we thought we would’ve been the 3 in 4, we ended up as the 1 in 4 who lose their child or pregnancy," she said.

Marya then paid a tribute to Adana saying grief is love that doesn’t know where to go.

"It’s okay to grief because as a mom the memories I have of Adana will burn forever for it’s fueled by Love."

Willis Raburu with Marya Prude in the past.
Image: Instagram

A few weeks ago, she also acknowledged people who stood by her when she lost her daughter Adana. 

Through her social media, Marya wrote;

"Thankful for friends who acknowledge Adana existed and share stories or memories of when she was here."  

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Raburu said losing his daughter affected him in ways he is yet to recover from.

"I used to drive for long distances but sometimes, I lost focus. I went for therapy twice a week," he said.

He said putting on a happy face while on TV was just acting.

"It was painful and I will never forget it. The worst was I had to go back to work and I need energy for my TV show. After the show, I would cry all the way home."