Please ignore me, don't even say Hi - Akothee warns fans and trolls

The mother of 5 revealed she had shaky moods thus people should tread carefully around her

The mom of 5 has asked trolls to keep off her page
Akothee. The mom of 5 has asked trolls to keep off her page
Image: Instagram

Recording and performing artist Akothee has a word of advise to her adoring fans and netizen trolls alike... leave her alone!

Taking to her Instagram page the singer shared that she was battling with what sounded like migraines thus it was affecting her moods and she had no time to deal with people.

So to avoid her wrath, leave her alone.

"Please be nice with your comments my moods this month is a no go zone," started off the mother of five.

She went on to further advise her fans that mincing their tongues was not even enough they should completely ignore her even when they bump into her in public.

Clearly irritated by something and not willing to put a front Akothee went on to add, "even when you meet me, please ignore me.

Do not even say hi."

She however did try to give a reason as to why she was being overly harsh and did not want interactions.

"Naskia tu vibaya (I'm just feeling terribly bad) with a constant headache hapa kwa utosi..." revealed the artist as she finished off her post.

Captioning the post she apologized to her devout fans who had been following/keeping up with her morning routine.

She wrote, "For those following my morning routine poleni. We are on a health long break... working out this headache, sijui ni nini but nitarudi tu...I love you,"

This came after Akothee savagely clapped back at a netizen who had comment on her multiple relationships with such ferocity in a long post that even she acknowledged she had been mean.

However she had no apologies because as she says, you can not bring hate to her page and expect kindness.

Not new to online trolls, the musician has been known to silence haters accordingly as she vicariously lives her life however she pleases but it now seems to be getting to her.

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