Protester wielding rainbow flag storms pitch in Qatar

During the Portugal vs. Uruguay match the protester ran at full speed across the pitch waving the flag

Protester storms pitch waving a rainbow flag
Image: Courtesy

Just a week into 2022 World Cup and this has been one of the most dramatic World Cup championships in history.

Yesterday during the Portugal vs. Uruguay World Cup match an unexpected intruder interrupted the game while it was almost coming to an end.

The spectator made his move 50 minutes into the match


Holding a rainbow flag, the yet to be identified middle aged man stormed the pitch during the group stage game in protest running at full speed before getting stopped by security and escorted off the grass.

Well at least he didn't interrupt the match as when it began. Also I think he was baiting time because he kind of wanted to watch the game as well.

The LGBTQ+ rainbow flag was not the only statement the man made.


He was also wearing a blue Superman shirt that read "Save Ukraine" on the front and "Respect For Iranian Women" on the back.

A true King if you ask me!

The protester was chased across the pitch by security guards, while some fans cheered on seemingly in support of his protest. He was eventually grabbed and taken away by officials.

It is unclear what has happened to him.

Protester who stormed pitch with a pride flag getting escorted by officials
Image: Courtesy

His protest comes in a day after England's national team captain Harry Kane also made a stance defying Qatar and their anti-gay rule.

Kane found a way to rock the boat in his solidarity with members of the Lgbtq+ community in the most subtle yet expensive way.

This is after he was pictured wearing a rainbow Rolex watch at the Qatar World Cup and we all know what the rainbow flag represents! His watch was a loud act of defiance in the Gulf State where same-sex relationships are illegal and frowned upon.

The multi-coloured watch, retails at £535,000 on the luxury fashion site Farfetch. That translates to about 79.1 million Kenyan shillings.

England, Wales and other European nations were set to wear the OneLove rainbow armbands at the World Cup matches but were warned against the move over threat of their players being booked.

The captains, including England's Harry Kane and Gareth Bale of Wales, had planned to wear the armband during matches to promote diversity and inclusion.

Following the warning Kane found another way to make a statement and show his support of the lgbtq.

A joint statement from seven football associations said they could not put their players "in a position where they could face sporting sanctions".

"We are very frustrated by the Fifa decision which we believe is unprecedented," the statement read.

These developments comes amid allegations that Qatar officials are forcing football fans to remove any rainbow-coloured items that they might have on their persons before being allowed to enter stadiums.

Of course, homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and the stunt from the protester is sure to come with some serious ramifications.

Just last week a journalist  identified as Grant Wahl revealed that he was detained for nearly half an hour after World Cup guards took issue with his pro-LGBTQ shirt.

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