Zubeida Koome chops off her 20 years signature dreadlocks

The news anchor said the chop was part of her healing journey

has chopped off her signature dreadlocks
Zubeida Koome has chopped off her signature dreadlocks
Image: instagram

KTN prime-time news anchor Zubeidah Kananu Koome shocked netizens when she revealed that she had decided to chop off her signature dreadlocks after almost 20 years.

20 years! That is crazy, I can only imagine the attachment she must have had.

Zubeida shared the news in a video that she posted on her Instagram feed showing off her new look while at the salon.

The journalist added that it had not been an easy decision to cut off the locks as they were a big part of her and she had a close attachment to them but detaching from her signature look was part of her life journey of healing and knowing when it is time to let go.

"Zub, you can’t be serious, don’t cut your hair. It’s been almost 20 years, and this is how we know you 😃 well, Yes, that’s the first reaction I got from the people that knew of the attachment I had with my hair when I finally decided to cut it." said the celebrated journalist noting the biggest reaction she got from her close circle.

She went on to add:

"It’s in good faith I know, but from this, comes a lesson about life.

We are sometimes tempted to hold onto things we value the most and not want to let go. In this, I see me, it’s been more than a month since I lost my mum, I haven’t been able to let go, told myself that she’s still alive, and that’s what I still want to believe.

It’s not right, I’ve been told, I should let her rest, I agree, but it’s not easy.

I put a brave face, but the pain I’m in is immense. She was not only my mum, but also my best friend, my confidant, my pillar, my birthday-mate, my everything.

I know healing takes time, I won’t rush, I’ll take a day at a time and put my faith in God. My restorer, my redeemer, Abba father. He’ll get me out of this, that I know." Finished off the news anchor.

The outspoken journalist lost her mother last month.

The late Mary Halima Raibuni was born on November 24 , 1962 and died on November 28, 2022, at the age of 60.

She was buried at their home in Ruiri, Meru County.

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