Mercy Kyallo shows off her new boo in a cute Instagram video

This comes in 6 months after she introduced another man as her boyfriend during her birthday

Mercy Kyallo introduces new boyfriend
Image: Courtesy

Ladies and gentlemen, Businesswoman Mercy Kyallo is off the market.

Last year during her birthday wasn't she boo'd up and sharing kisses with her bald bearded ex Arthur as she gushed about the best part of her life?

Anyway, new year new man.

The entrepreneur while celebrating Valentine's Day took to her Instagram page where she posted her new boo. A very handsome curly haired-gentleman who couldn't seem to keep his eyes and hands away from her.

Mercy started off by declaring she was in love.

"Love has no words, it is a feeling we share," the first of Mercy's posts read. She then went on to post a cute black and white boo'd up video of them together as the guy swamped Mercy's cheeks with kisses.

Love is truly in the air with all the celebrities unveiling their spouses and getting proposed to during this cupid month.

The Yalo Leather CEO seemed madly in love in the posts as her boo showered her in kisses.

She went ahead to caption the cute little video, "not everyone can touch and kiss their loved ones today, but love still lives on." 

And she didn't stop there. The reality TV show star still on her Instagram stories shared another post, this time in colour of them sharing a romantic kiss, and captioned it " Here time stands still"

Mercy Kyallo shows off her new boyfriend
Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Her unveiling her man without using emojis or just taking the usual soft launching method where you just show the hands or back of their head came as a surprise to most.

This is because, unlike her older and younger sister, the businesswoman has always over time made it her personal mission to keep the identity of almost all her lovers under wraps.

Mostly hiding their faces with emojis on the rare occasions when she posts them or crops them out of pictures, leaving her followers in the dark.

This time round Mercy seems to be embracing this newfound love.

However, in a twist of events after Valentine's passed, the Yallo Leather CEO went ahead on 15th February to delete the post she had put on her official page of her and her new man.

She however did leave the Instagram stories with the guy up on her page, I guess it's because those expire after 24 hours.

Wishing her longevity with this chapter of her dating life.

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