Robert Burale speak about co-parenting,loss and relationships.

Motivational speaker, event host, and pastor Robert Burale has hailed his baby mama for making co-parenting easy.

The now ex-couple share a daughter fondly known as Lexie Burale.

Not to get it twisted Burale and his ex-wife Rozinah Mwakideu have no kids.

He sired a kid with someone else who loves being away from the limelight.

Speaking during an interactive interview with Presenter Ali, the father of one shared

"My daughter's mother is amazing, and we co-parent out of respect and intelligence."

Is he looking forward to getting married again?

"I intend to get married and I don't have the grace to be single forever. It has been 10 years of healing, forgiveness and I have gone through fear and I'm currently healed and free from fear"

In addition to all that, Burale has an amazing relationship with his daughter describing her as "creative, organized, and intelligent."

In the past Burale had opened up on abstaining for the last 9 years.

Burale decided not to engage in sex since his marriage broke down nine years ago.

“My values will not allow me.

It’s not like I don’t sleep around because I don’t have offers. I have offers like malaria tablets three times a day.

Sex is very important in marriage even for us born-again believers but it’s not everything. I have been celibate since my marriage ended in 2013. But it is God,” 

Burale's marriage broke over different issues among them finances as he had a lot of debts.

He was married to Rozinah Mwakideu,sister to radio king Alex Mwakideu

"I was married in 2012 for one year two days na ikaisha (failed). Great woman of God, someone I respect so much but it didn't just work out," he said.