'Umbu I think ni polisi!' Eric Omondi describes night in jail

He says the protests will continue until Government hears Kenyans' cries

Eric Omondi.
Image: Instagram/Eric Omondi

Entertainer Eric Omondi was on Feb 21 arrested at the Parliament building leading a protest over the cost of living.

He was taken to Central Police station where he spent the night.

Eric spoke to Mpahso's Kalondo Musyimi on February 23, about his night as a guest of the state, and whether he has shifted from a comedian to an activist.


"Mimi unaweza niita activist, clout chaser comedian entertainer, whatever it doesn't matter.

Any titles mnataka kunipee what is important is I'm fighting for Kenyans," He told Mpasho.

He has denied being fronted by any politician


"It's not political, it's Kenyan. I'm not using any political outfit whatsoever I'm fighting for the people.

I'm not part of politics, or any political outfit, mimi sio wa UDA, mi sio wa Azimio, our agenda is just Kenya," he insisted

He added that there are no political backers; "How come when I was fighting gospel or play Ke no one said anything, hakuna Bishop alinipigia.

This is what Eric Omondi does, I do know why it's surprising that any Kenyan would think, I'm being pushed by anyone."

He believes he was successful in getting the government to hear the cries of ordinary Kenyans affected by the state of the economy.

"It's true watu hawana rent, its true watu hawana rent, watu hawana school fees so for that I dont need anyoen to say sasa Eric tunataka hio watu ..."

What is his end goal?

"Goal yangu ni hii, si unaona jana gava imetoa unga alireduce unga saa hii ukienda so how much more can we achieve?" he prompted.

He now wants the cost of fuel to also be reduced among other things.

"Kidogo kidogo tokens ziende chini si tumeachieve? I will be very happy, I would have achieved my goal."

How was his experience behind bars on Monday?

"It was my first-time kulala ndani, I have never been. Huko umbu I think ni polisi, I think they are part of the station. Ilifika around four naskia zinalia, umbu zinauma different.

"There are so many umbus' that was the only issue, but they were really nice to me at the station, very very nice. I ate well,  slept on the floor na umepewa masai shuka."


"Sasa nikajiuliza hii masai shuka nilale nayo ama niweke kwa floor hio floor kumbuka vile Iko baridi. So for one hour unaweka chini ndio at least iko soft alafu ukifanya hivo umbu inawacha. But ilikuwa na interesting experience."

He says that despite the terrible experience in a cell, he will soldier on.

"The fact that I was in the hot sun scorching sun, na nikalala ndani, and I was handcuffed and taken to court, nisha choma, there's no going back, sitaki kufeel nimejiwaste."

"Aluta continua" he defiantly proclaimed.