Huddah brags about revolutionizing social media scene

The socialite maintains that influencers used to do it for free before her

The socialite claims she revolutionized the influencers game
Huddah Monroe. The socialite claims she revolutionized the influencers game
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is back to hosting club gigs in the country and she wants everyone who came after her to know that she is their mother.

Actually, it isn't just hosting gigs, the 30-year-old entrepreneur is also giving herself full credit for making social media influencing a job in the country.

Quite huge claims!


Huddah also wants people to know that she hasn't gone broke she is only hosting because in her own words,"I have too many clothes just sitting in the closet."

Touching on how she revolutionized the social media scene Huddah claimed that people did not use to get paid before she made it a thing.

According to Huddah, influencers normally weren't paid until she started paying them.

"Influencers used to be free here until I spoke on it.… we started paying them and boom now everyone is earning! 


No one was ever paid to host a club or a restaurant until I made it a thing. Revolutionized the whole social media scene," Huddah wrote on her Instagram stories.

She went on to throw shots at people acting like she was new to the scenes while she controls the industry.

Huddah also hinted that she is low-key usually in the country and goes to Dubai to get away from the noise and hustle of the city.

Still on how she has been putting people on money moves, Huddah shared with her over 2.3 million followers how a barber got culture shock after the beauty mogul hooked them up with one of her affluent friends.

According to Huddah, her friend needed his hair done and ended up paying the unnamed barber almost 6 times what they normally charges.

"Just sent someone to cut my friends hair for $200 (that roughly translates to about Sh. 25,400) lol!" Started off the socialite.

She went on to add that the guy was flabbergasted to receive such an amount for only cutting hair.

"And the barber is still shook because he charges $35 (which is roughly about Sh. 4500/=)

If it's not for me most you all wouldn't know your value out here!" Finished off Huddah.

You have to admire the delusional entitled state she lives in.

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