Eric Omondi to sue police for malicious detention

The comedian was arrested outside City Stadium and later on released

Eric Omondi at the court room.
Image: Douglas O'kiddy

Comedian Eric Omondi through his lawyer Mr. Danstan OMari might be suing the state for what his legal counsel is terming as malicious detention.

This is after Eric was arrested on the 1st of March and later on released without being arraigned in court.

"He was never taken to court! We are intending to pursue malicious detention because once you have been arrested you are supposed to be taken to court.

Once we get those instructions then we will deal with it..." Danstan said.

Danston went on to quip that he could not comment on his clients plans for activism despite his several arrests.

"I have no instructions on that... I only have instructions on the arrest and arraignment in court..." Eric's lawyer announced.

2 days ago the comedian was arrested yet again (he had been arrested a week prior to this second arrest) while preparing to distribute free Unga to a section of Nairobians at City Stadium.

Before heading to the stadium, Omondi had called upon well-wishers to donate maize flour towards his initiative of feeding Nairobians struggling to put food on the table.

“This Wednesday we will be at City Stadium giving Free Packets of Unga.

We are calling upon well-wishers who would wish to Donate packets of Unga to call or message 0718891427. DO NOT GIVE MONEY, JUST UNGA,” Eric Omondi said. 

Before the rest in several videos that went viral online, the comedian could be seen engaging in talks with the police officers before he was handcuffed.

After the arrested he was taken to the industrial area police station.

Eric's drama ensued a day after Eric publicly demanded President William Ruto to stop holding prayers and instead get to work and help Kenyans.

A week ago Eric and his colleagues were charged before judge Lucas Onyina of the Milimani court.

The comedian and 17 other people were released on Wednesday on Sh20,000 bail each after denying the charge of participating in an illegal assembly on parliament road.

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