Protesters in Kisumu

ODM director of elections Philip Etale has said that Azimio supporters were yet to begin their demonstrations.

Speaking on Tuesday, he claimed that goons had been hired to cause mayhem and violence and paint the opposition protests in bad faith.

"It must be noted that Azimio protesters have not even started their demonstrations. Hired goons are having a field day running and falling over themselves like primitive sheep," Etale said.

His statement came at a time when a public service vehicle was torched along Ngong Road on Tuesday.

Suspected goons attacked and torched a bus along Ngong Road, in the wake of fresh protests called by Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

Police used teargas to disperse the group that had gathered on the road to restore calm.

Some youths at the scene said those behind the attack are not from the area.

They say the attackers arrived in groups and looked organized. They then threw petrol bombs they had onto an oncoming bus as the driver tried to turn and escape in vain.

Police arrived at the scene minutes later but did not salvage the bus. It was burnt beyond repair.