Utawezana!? 3 main qualities 2mbili is looking for in a wife

The content creator asked women not meeting his standards to stay away from his inbox

2mbili highlights qualities he wants in a lady
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ aspiring comedian 2mbili has highlighted details any lady seeking to be involved with him romantically should have.

According to the father of 7 the said details are non-negotiable for him as he has already learned his lessons.

Taking to his Instagram page 2mbili started by narrating how he had to turn down a fine babe who had approached him prophesying her love for him as she failed to meet his set standards.


"Jana usiku kuna mtoto flani mzuri ameniomba pale kwa DM we date (yesterday evening there is a fine babe who inboxed me letting me know that she would love it if we dated)" Started off the digital content creator building anticipation for his story.

He went on to reveal that even though the said lady was nice and pretty he sadly had to turn her down because of a few things.

"So she is like 25 years or something... I know age is just a number but I am not dating anything younger than me!!!" 2mbili announced.


Age isn't the only thing he'll be focusing on while looking for a partner though... the YouTube content creator went on to add a couple other things that might make or break the deal.

He maintains that he is not looking to go into a relationship with a girl that doesn't have kids of his own even though he has 3/4 of a football team already.

"Alafu pia kama haujui labour pains utapata taabu! It is either you are a mother or a nurse or both but if you are childless that is a big X!"

2mbili stated the reason for the above-mentioned rule was that he wasn't ready to introduce his kids to a lady who didn't know how to take care of kids or manage a household.

"I'm not ready to introduce my kids to another woman who ain't ready for responsibilities, unaweza fua jeans ya LV?" He added.

He finished by quoting pastor Mackenzie's infamous 'kitawaramba' line as a final warning to ladies who didn't meet the above written qualities to stay away from him.

"Mnachokitafuta hamkijui, kitawarambaaa," the last of his post read.

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