Hiba Abouk and Achraf Hakimi in their happy days.
Image: Instagram

Hiba Abouk, the ex-wife of Paris Saint-Germain full-back Achraf Hakimi, expressed her solidarity with Shakira by sending her a message through social media, Marca magazine reported.

Abouk divorced Hakimi in recent months, following news of his allegedly sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman.

This time, Abouk has found comfort in her two young children, Amin and Naim.

Considering her personal challenges, the Spanish actress shared Shakira's song "Acrostico" with a strong message emphasizing the importance of family, which should come first before everything else.


"Be very patient with yourself," she wrote. "Keep reminding yourself that things are going your way. What is meaningless now will soon give you peace and clarity. You will understand why certain things happen in certain ways. It's all in divine timing. Stay positive," Abouk wrote as reported by the Spanish newspaper.

Pique and Shakira broke up a few months ago and the former Barcelona player has been seen making out on the streets with a beautiful young lady who has made it clear that she is Shakira's replacement.

For her part, after divorcing Pique, the Colombian headed to Miami to live with her two children after the whole scandal involving their father back in Spain.


Abouk herself has faced heavy criticism on social media in recent months after it emerged that she had demanded half the player's wealth during their divorce.

But to her consternation, Hiba found out that she wouldn't get a lot as Hakimi had put a majority of his wealth under his mother's name.