Salasya promises to build and furnish a house for struggling artist, Stevo Simple Boy

The MP also promised to rent out an apartment in Nairobi for Stevo as he tries to get back on his feet

Peter Salasya and Stevo Simple Boy

Mumias East member of parliament Peter Salasya has finally met up with struggling artist Stevo Simple Boy.

A few days ago, Salasya had put up a post announcing that he was looking for Stevo and asked netizens to help connect him with the artist. This is after the 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker went viral for being broke and allegedly mismanaged by his record label.

In a video shared online, the two could be seen having a deep conversation while on a bench outdoors.

"Okay, so unataka nikusaidie aje (now how do you want me to help you out)?" Asked the member of parliament.

Stevo went on to say that he wanted a house and furniture, and after that was actualized he'd like to probably start a business back in the village.

Responding to the artist's requests Salasya assured him he'd help in all the areas he can before calling on the artist to start looking out for himself. He asked Stevo to man up and start taking charge of his life as opposed to being so dependent on people and his managers.

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy
Image: Courtesy

"So I have heard you, on Monday you will have a new house. I will look for a place for you around Nairobi and pay 3 months rent for you as you stabilize," the first time MP told Stevo.

He went on to add;

"I will also get furniture, mattress, bed and what have you but I also want you to be independent. I want you to start looking for your own shows, your own events, manage your own money, manage your resources, and be a man on your own!" Salasya advised the 'Freshi Barida' hit maker.

He finalized by calling out people who'd promised to help Simple Boy but were just using the artist to chase clout.

Salasya said he was giving them 15 days to see if they'd have constructed a house for the artist back in his rural area Oyugis, if not he'd take charge and ensure the artist and his family had a place to call home.

"I'm helping you because I know how it feels to come from the bottom, you can count on me. So look for a house that pleases you then on Monday I'll do the necessary.

And come next week I'll come back here and tell the public what I've been able to do and what is pending because I've promised to help you and I keep my promises," Salasya said as he finished off.

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