Sometimes we miss food-Stevo Simple Boy's wife cries for help

The artist's wife was appealing for financial help from the general public

Stevo Simple Boy with his 'wife' Grace Atieno
Image: Instagram

Steve Simple boy's wife Grace Atieno is appealing for financial help from the public.

According to the singer's wife, who was introduced to the public earlier this year, Stevo currently has no money and is struggling to make ends meet.

In an interview with YouTube content creator Vincent Mboya Grace emotionally opened up about how her husband currently has it bad and needs financial help from Kenyans.

Grace went on to reveal that Stevo's financial crisis was the main reason he wasn't releasing any music as he called upon Kenyans to help them out.

"If you see that right now he is not releasing any songs, it's because he is going through a lot as he is going through a tough time right now. 

Ni kijana mpole na ana uwoga. He is going through a lot and he is afraid of talking it out," an emotional Grace said as she struggled to hold back her tears.

And in a case of history repeating itself, the 'Freshi Barida' hit maker's wife voiced out that her husband's management was taking advantage of him.

"People think that it's Stivo who is behind his social media accounts mainly TikTok and Instagram but it's not him. 

Many people complain that they want to help him but they don't find him. His manager has everything you can't find him," Grace said with undertones of anger and pain.

Highlighting their woes as she pleaded with Kenyans for their help, she revealed that there have been times they went without food because things were so bad.

Grace maintained Stevo doesn't touch or manage his money and sometimes he doesn't even know how much his manager has booked him for.

 "He does not know how much he gets paid say during a show. It's hard we are going through a lot. 

That makes us to fight since we bicker a lot on money matters... sometimes we miss food sometimes we get it and he does not have any other hustle. Manger ndio amebeba pesa," Grace emotionally told Vincent Mboya.

Finishing up she asked Kenyans to get in touch and send funds through her number as Stevo had no access to his accounts.

"If you see his accounts, he is not getting money off them. I feel pain. He is suffering. He does not have anything. 

Kenyans think he is living a good life, but it is not the case. Manger wake anamkulia sana. He is not operating his own phone. It's very difficult to find him. You can help Stivo through my number 0768076618." 

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