Tiktok star Kinuthia reveals why his gastric bypass failed

The content creator had swallowed a gastric balloon bypass to help him loose weight in November last year

in the stunning pink dress
TikTok content creator Kelvin Kinuthia in the stunning pink dress
Image: Instagram

TikTok star Kelvin Kinuthia has opened up on why his cosmetic non-invasive surgery failed.

Kinuthia swallowed a gastric balloon in November last year. The balloon was meant to help him shed off weight without him having to go to the gym or under the knife.

However, months in fans noticed that there were barely any notable changes spotted since he'd undergone the procedure.


Speaking to YouTube content creator Mungai Eve, Kinuthia revealed he gave up on the gastric bypass as it required him to not only portion control but eat clean as well and that was a huge challenge for him considering how much he loves food.

"Wacha tu nicheke na niseme ukweli kwa sababu yes I have seen those comments and people have been asking me that question but I have been ignoring them.

That thing needs one to follow up a proper diet, I gave up on the way. By the time the process was coming to an end I had already given up on.


When it comes to food hiyo nayo ni uwongo, I have no food discipline," the 22-year-old digital content creator said as he burst out laughing at his little shortcoming that he's been more than vocal about.

Last year while getting the procedure done he'd maintained he wasn't disciplined enough for clean eating and he was too lazy to hit the gym consistently and that's why he was going for something simple.

Finishing up, he made it clear that he's never had issues with his weight or felt insecure because of it. On if he'd ever consider trying gastric bypass for a second time Kinuthia gave a strong no.

"I have always been comfortable with my weight, I just wanted to try something new not that my weight had me worrying or anything but I can never get back the balloon.

Maybe I can try something new like going to the gym but I wouldn't get the balloon again. And like I've said, the weight has never been a bother for me," Kinuthia candidly told Eve.

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